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Evermeal: Streamline Meal Planning 🍱 🥗 🌯 (free coaching)

Updated: Jun 13

One free meal plan coach session

Unleash the Magic of Evermeal: Transform Your Meal Planning Experience!

Welcome to our first-ever blog post at Evermeal! Today, we'll dive into the common cooking struggles many of us face at home, provide a glimpse into our vision of the future, and invite you to join us on our journey to helping the millions of households looking for a better way.

📖 Our Story: Meal Planning Adventures

We've all stood in front of an open fridge feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and unsure of what to cook. Shouldering countless responsibilities, we juggle work, personal finances, family, and maybe children with picky eating habits. Maybe you've tried to tame this chaos by carving out a couple of hours each week to plan meals and scour the internet for new recipes. Perhaps you've mastered the art of planning what to buy from each store, scheduling grocery pickups, and optimizing your shopping route to under 1 hour. Ultimately, you'll go to great lengths to nourish yourself and your loved ones without breaking the bank.

If this sounds familiar, take a moment a give yourself a big hug. We're driven by our love and care, but it's exhausting, and we wish we could spend more quality time with friends and family.

Now, are you thinking what we're thinking? We have the technology, so why haven't we found a better way? That's where Evermeal comes in.

Our Mission: Effortless Meal Planning

We know that time is your most precious resource and meal planning often feels like a daunting task. We surveyed 28 home cooks, and 95% agree that lack of time is the biggest barrier to healthy and satisfying family meals. From planning and shopping to cooking and cleaning for one week's worth of food, it can take anywhere from 8 to 15 hours. Let's be real, you're not getting paid for this part time job.

At Evermeal, our mission is to help you reclaim that time, so you can enjoy it with your kids, relax with a book, or go on adventures. We also recognize the importance of nutrition in our lives and the rising concerns about food insecurity and the health of our younger generation. Half of our respondents have picky eaters in the house and struggle to find healthy recipes to cook for a family with varying tastes. But fear not, we're here to help you discover go-to recipes that will satisfy everyone in your household.

You can read more about our co-founder, Betty Ban, and why she started Evermeal on NASDAQ!

💡Let Us Be Your Guide

Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure towards healthier eating and saving money? We thought so!

Evermeal's app learns the unique needs, diets, and preferences of you and your family. It uses this information to help you save time, plan nourishing meals, and bring joy back into your kitchen.

🧡 We have a special offer for you: One FREE Meal Plan Coaching Session

From now until Aug 8, 2023, our expert meal planner will coach you through the essential elements of meal planning, including:

Creating personalized meal schedules

Selecting recipes that fit your dietary preferences and restrictions

Setting up a budget that meets your family's needs

Coaching you on the journey of mastering the art of meal prepping

We tap into the wisdom of reputable sources including nutrition experts and experienced meal planners to ensure you receive the best guidance possible.

Don't miss out on this exceptional offer. Take charge of your meal-planning journey today! Request your free meal planning coach session now. Limited to one session per family.

The results have been nothing short of inspiring. In our future blog posts, look out for these stories of how meal planning has helped others succeed in their own lives:

👉 Individuals like you have successfully saved for retirement by the age of 31

👉 Families accumulated funds for their kids' college education within just 5 years

👉 Moms shed pounds and slip back into their beloved jeans with ease

👉 Even picky eaters can discover newfound love for healthier and happier meals

Stay tuned, and let us guide you on this remarkable journey toward financial freedom, healthier eating habits, and a more harmonious family dynamic.

Meal planning

Photo credit to our Co-founder, Betty Ban, who brings her culinary passion and expertise to the table. With her typical weekly meal prep, Betty has mastered the art of meal planning, seamlessly incorporating time constraints, budgeting, and the pursuit of variety and health goals.

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